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EVERYTHING REMINDS ME OF YOU [entries|friends|calendar]

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[01 Nov 2005|04:15pm]
[ mood | Tired ]

So things have been pretty off and on lately. Half the time I feel really good/happy, and the other half I just feel bad. A whole lot of stuff happend earlier this month, and then after that I just got really down. I don't know; I guess right now I feel like I don't so much need something anymore that I got so hurt over, you know? Actually, I doubt you know, because I still barely know.

I just want to feel better.

I've been walking the lake alot lately. It isn't as bad as I always thought it was. It's actually really good, because Robert and I have walked it a couple times now, and it's always nice to have someone you know you can talk about stuff to, and I listen, as well. [hahaha, that made me think about kitten] But anyways, if you want to walk it with me sometime, I'm up for that. Just call me. Well. . .you don't have to call me, but I will only kill you if you don't.


So, I got a hamster, my first pet that isn't gold,doesn't live in water, and isn't a fish, since I had a dog about 7years ago. haha: I'm really happy about it. He's so cute.

No school on friday as well as the LHS/KHS game on Friday, so it should be a pretty good start for a hopefully better weekend then last, besides the show on Sunday: that had made the weekend better. I have pictures from it too.

I'm pretty much out of things to write about,which is basically why I don't even update much anymore, but you know, I had to give Modie something to read during school, even if it isn't so exciting.

♥♥♥ <--Up for grabs

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[03 Oct 2005|05:56am]
[ mood | happy ]

So today's my Birthday

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ahhhh! ahhhh! ahhhh! [05 Sep 2005|01:26pm]
[ mood | sad ]


OK,well I haven't updated in about two months almost. Things are pretty great right now.
Of course with the exception of a few things, but I don't want to even talk about them. :-/
And don't worry, it doesn't have to do with certain girls that bring on crap, I don't even
care about them or what they try to do and stuff. I'm pretty sure a lot of people have an
idea of who I am talking about.
I love HS, and although I haven't really made a whole bunch of new friends, I've still met
some new,pretty cool people. And I have also become closer with a few people that went
to SW that I didn't really hang out with until now, and I'm pretty excited about that. My
weekends have been getting better,and much more fun. Less boredom.  Less drama actually
too. These days I'm doing all I can do to get away from drama. It's all lame. Especially some
certain people who are pro-drama. I have quite the list of those people.
I actually made straight-A's on my interim. What's wrong with me?? JustKidding, but I was
genuinely surprised.
Oh, I almost forgot, I don't have a cell phone anymore, so if you would like to reach me,try
my house phone. And if you don't know that number, get it from someone who has it already
because I don't want to post it on the internet. I have a new icon too; yay because I love it/my skills
K,well the end/ hearts



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Boys are idiots,after all [09 Jul 2005|07:55pm]
[ mood | amazing ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

so fresh

Kaitlyn Swope,thank you for being one of my best friends
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Subject [23 Jun 2005|12:43am]
[ mood | Yeeeeeeah ]

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[14 Jun 2005|07:34pm]
New ScreenName: who ate Steph

3spaces between ate and Steph
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You need this [13 Jun 2005|04:39pm]
[ mood | don't know ]

New Screen name vote:: PLEASE HELP, AND RESPOND!

1)who ate stefanie 2)|| steph 3) who ate steph 4)|| stephanie

So,a long long time ago,almost forever ago, Chelsea and I went to Disney for her brothers baseball games last summer. And on the way to the hotel and stuff, there was this humungous hotel,which I have wanted to stay at ever since. Well I had the chance to stay at the hotel finally, and was there from Wednesday to Saturday with Kaitlyn. It was so big,and so much fun.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Those were the view from our hotel room. And we got a couple phone numbers too=). Mad skillz,you know,you know

Kayla's party was pretty good. Spent alot of time in the hot tub. It was good to see everyone.

SHOW TONIGHT, at Campfire. Alex and I. Looking forward to spending some time with her. And beach on Wednesday.
Hey you,let's make some plans this week?

I love going outside right before night,and seeing that right outside my front door: so so pretty
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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By now,you should have somehow,realized what you've got to do. [05 Jun 2005|11:11pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The Styx concert was so much fun,and they performed so well live. It was also alot of fun hanging out with Hunter,Kaitlyn,and Dexter. I love hanging out with them. I'll try and scan some of the pictures that we took of the concert onto my computer in a bit,and then post them.

AND RIGHT NOW, I am definately going through the DERRRR stage,where I have no idea what I'de like to have,do,etc. Here,how about you comment with what you think I want. And you're honest opinion,even though I am pretty sure alot of you have no idea,just try. You might help me♥

OHYEAH,Gary Blankenship owes me TWO serenades for me on his guitar. I'm looking forward to that. And I definately don't owe him ANYTHING for them.
And,Kimberly Sauls is an amazing person/friend. Whom I love. Yeah.♥
Tyler Hall,he's pretty much one of my best friends=)

I promise I really like you,honest.♥
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Who knows? [29 May 2005|11:00am]
[ mood | creative ]

Today I am going to Cypress Gardens, and tonight we're staying for the Styx concert. I am really looking forward to it,it will definately be so much fun. I'll post some pictures later.

So overall with the drama and friends, I think everything might be settled now? That would be a pleasant change basically. Maybe things will start reversing.

OHYEAH,I forgot to say in my last entry that out of all those tests I had to take at the doctor's office, I passed my drug test:D! So NOOOOW,it is staying that way. So for everyone that still calls me a pothead, whatever, because I'm through with that shit. But I must say I am really proud of myself.

Do you ever get the feeling when you are about to fall asleep, you feel all choked up and it's kinda hard to breathe and your stomach gets all queasy like? I don't know, but I got that last night and it was not very much fun. I couldn't even fall asleep until 430. I was kinda creeped out about going to sleep feeling not very good, I guess that's another reason why it took so long.

AH,I'm sorry Troy, I messed up us hanging out again. I'm sorry. I'll call you tomorrow.We'll hang out this coming up week.
And Jamesss, we're going to hang out soon,too.aka After work tomorrow.

Bunch of random crap

Please comment alot. Even if it's more then one comment. And even if it's not related to the above. . .


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We're too lost:to lose hope [16 May 2005|04:32pm]
[ mood | so-so ]

I don't feel very much in a good mood. I can't even begin really to explain it. I guess to put it all in short: I miss alot of things;alot of people. Things aren't the same. But that's obvious if you ask me.
I don't even know now. About this summer for one thing. It was going to be so good;going to have so much fun. Now it's more like, I hope I have fun: I hope I can stay occupied,when before there wasn't any doubt.
I think part of it is just caused by the feeling that you just lost youre best friend, and knowing there is pretty much nothing about that that is going to change. It's whatever.

Everything is all closing up. There's only four days left of school. Where the whole group is together. Only four more days, and then everyone is split. Today during lunch we couldn't stop saying "this will be the last time we do...together on a monday" That just made things worse even. I sound kinda pathetic. Maybe I don't only just sound pathetic, I could very well even be pathetic.

Today we had a Spanish test, I only missed ten. OUT OF 60. That really is an improvement for me. I'm actually becoming decent at this being Mexican stuff.

I figured out a really neat way to spell KIM could be KHM. What do you think?

I'de really really enjoy taking this Saturday and going to the beach on it. If anyone else agrees, talk to me. Hopefully we'd all be able to set something up. And this summer, definately a car wash or something, it would be awesome if everyone could stay together for a weekend in a hotel at the beach. Maybe we'll even have a couple car washes, and stay for a couple days.

I'm done now though; I hate rambling on and on. By now you probably do as well.

[EDITEDITEDIT]:I forgot to mention, that I am SICK &TIRED of people either IM'ing me,calling me,talking to me,WHATEVER,with the phrase: "Yeah I got so high last night." "Yeah I got so fucked up last night." "Yeah, I got sooo drunk last night." "Yeah, I don't even remember anything that happened pretty much." I DON'T FUCKING CARE,SO FUCKING TELL SOMEONE ELSE WHO CARES MORE THEN ME. I'M NOT GOING TO SAY THIS TWICE. And no,I do not smoke any longer Have a pleasant day

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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I don't know why someone controlled you;they bought and sold you [08 May 2005|03:18pm]
[ mood | Chipper ]

After Crystal Ball at Denny's, because I didn't have my digital camera at the actual dance.Collapse )

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[ mood | Happy? ]

That's pretty much my house. And there's my pillow.


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No one else will have me like you do. I promise. [23 Apr 2005|12:49am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

So basically you spend alot of your life going through the "wanting what you can't have" phase. SHIT, that phase lasts for basically forever. But really no matter how long it lasts, it ends eventually. And there everything is, the same as it was before waiting for you to get back to living your life.

I'm moving on, the best I can

Billy asked me out yesterday, so yes we're going out now for the 2million people that asked that question today.♥

OHYEAH,p.s. I am completely in the most messy situation ever. And when I say ever, I completely mean everHELPHELPHELPHELPHELP.

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The end, bye. [05 Mar 2005|10:57pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

I am completely satisfied with life right now. Hopefully the same for you?
FCAT, on Monday. I am already willing to accept the fact that I just might fail the Math&Science part. I am hoping not though. I guess we will find out in the summer. Also, I have a C & a D. I found that out on my Interim, even better though, I have yet to be grounded for it. One thing that has constantly been on my mind though, is time. And basically how quickly it's slipping away. I mean really, it's almost summer break, and yeah I am really looking forward to it, but it's also driving me so crazy. Whatever though. I have also had this mad craving for the past about three weeks to go to the beach, it's really a shame though that it is way too cold. I want to go so bad, and hey you can even come along, even though it does depend who "you," is:sorry. And finally, I have about thirty out of two hundred for my new cell phone. I still have just a little bit left to go. Not.

I found this from my friend's page and this is the last thing that I will ask from you, so please do it for me?

1. Think of the first word that comes to mind when you think of me.
2. Run a google image search on that word.
3. Reply to this entry & post that picture.

This is also my last entry I am writing in Livejournal, so if you ever want to hang out, call me please.


and p.s. Please do that google/picture thing above.


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Absolutely,DUH [27 Feb 2005|12:26am]
[ mood | Angurry ]

Well, I would really appreciate it if you would donate to the Stephanie no longer has a cell phone because of permanent water damage and she needs two hundred dollars to pay for one on her own because her dad loves her and wont pay for any of it and even if you only donate a dollar she would be really happy fund. PLEASE, I will love you forever. And just MAYBE a little longer...

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mhm [18 Feb 2005|04:51pm]
[ mood | blank ]

So, things are going real good. And I have been able to say that continuously for a while now. And Nick and my one month was last week. And Valentines Day was really good and I got eleven carnations from my friends. And now for the stupid shit: 1) My cell phone drowned, and I can't dial half of the numbers, but it still kinda works. 2) My three hundred and fifty dollar camera that I got for Christmas is broken. 3) My computer is extremely messed up, and keeps on flashing. 4) I am so broke. 5) People still have yet to get over themselves and move on, and find something better to do then bitch at me because of only two reasons.
I haven't updated in like 20 days, and this is all I can think to write and that's exactly why I am about to quit Livejournal in not too long. But I better get AT LEAST twenty comments on this. So start commentingNOW

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The bitches, the niggers, the women, the children [14 Feb 2005|06:22pm]
[ mood | gangsturr ]

Word up cousins

S-Dawg in the hizzous

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You make all the pimps wanna scream aye,aye,aye [30 Jan 2005|04:44pm]
[ mood | pissed ]

Time goes by so quick.

Toblank2pointe: and they said you r the skool hoe this year


Toblank2pointe: hosh youve turneed into a really big loser


Toblank2pointe: guh i cant believe how big of a ho you r
Toblank2pointe: thats disgusting
Toblank2pointe: nasty as bitch

What is up with everyone? I didn't do anything to you. Just mind your own life and business, it isn't that hard.

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You should just be here. [21 Jan 2005|05:18pm]
[ mood | hot ]





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Figure it out, I am done with all of your shit. [12 Jan 2005|09:47pm]
[ mood | this=sweet ]

Dale hates me now, because of one person. Whatever though, I'm done with trying to make other people happy, and right now I am perfectly happy, so you guys need to get over yourselves. P.S. Tonight was great, bye.

P.S.S. I want the Playboy Mansion, but not for the women of course. It's about the NICEST house mansion I have ever seen

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